Monday, November 24, 2008

Hi all,Today is the day I will yet again try this mysterious thing called a BUDGET!! I printed off our bank statements for the past 6 months and will hopefully enter them into Quicken and figure out what exactly we're spending our money on.
Do you all have any budget tips? I know about Dave Ramsey's envelope system... I just have a horrible time keeping track of reciepts and such. Do any of you have budgeting down to a science?
On a similar note, I was listening to the Deconstructing Dinner podcast (Thanks Bethany) and they gave an interesting statistic:

Today, an average of 10% of our income is spent on food
In 1950, an average of 22% of income was spent on food
In 1935, a modest earning farm family spent 47% of their income on food

(I forget the source for that...don't stone me :) )Just hearing those stats makes me think that we probably don't put enough of our monthly budget towards food that nourishes us (Or maybe we make more disposable income?) Either way, food should be a big priority :)


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Stephanie Anderson said...

That was an interesting statistic, Em. I'm glad you wrote that, because Dan and I have kind of thought along those lines for a while. We do pay a little more for our groceries than I think a lot of newly weds do, but we figure food is pretty important!


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