PDX Food Swap

See the PDX Food Swap at their new online home: www.pdxfoodswap.com

The PDX Food Swap, inspired by and formed as a sister chapter to the BK Swappers in Brooklyn, NY and the ATX Swappers in Austin, TX, meets seasonally to share, exchange, and celebrate handcrafted foods in Portland, Oregon.

Cooking Up a Story released a mini documentary about our inaugural December, 2010 PDX Food Swap, and that coverage along with mentions in the Huffington Post, New York Times, food magazines, blogs, and other news sources has continued to inspire the swelling interest in Food Swaps around the country.

{ Interested in Starting Your Own? } 

Head to the Food Swap Network for all the FAQs, resources, and links to other swaps around the country. Also, check out this smattering of tips from around the web to get you going with inspiration: 

Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking: Food Swaps
Brooklyn Homesteader: Food Swaps Across America
LA Food Swap: Start Your Own
Seattle Swappers: How a Food Swap Works
CHOW: Rules for Effective Swapping

Upcoming PDX Food Swaps:
Check the Events Calendar & keep up to speed:

Past PDX Food Swaps: 
Spring PDX Food Swap - March 2012
Winter PDX Food Swap - December 2011
Autumn PDX Food Swap - October 2011
People's Co-op Food Swap - September 2011
Summer PDX Swappers Swap - July 2011
PDX Swappers Evening with Kate Payne - June 2011
Spring PDX Swappers Swap at Abby's Table -  May 2011
Winter PDX Swappers Swap at Branch &  Birdie - December 2010

{ Tidbits }

 A little Pinterest Gallery of Food Swaps around the country...

For more on the ever growing number of swaps popping up in local communities around the country (and the world!), visit the directory at the Food Swap Network.

For more about our food swap in Portland, Oregon, check www.pdxfoodswap.com 


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