Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Late Night Canning

The other night, Paul and I canned a dozen ½ pints of applesauce. Since Elaia will be starting on solids around February, we thought it would be fun to have some yummy applesauce for her developing palate. Making applesauce was also the perfect opportunity to use my newly acquired Foley Food Mill that I picked up at Goodwill this week for $2.99. An obliging apple tree on Paul's family farm provided the apples and Paul's younger brothers provided the labor in picking them (Thanks!).

I have to admit that Paul did all of the work in preparing and cooking the apples, as I was more agreeably occupied in rocking our baby and reading Little Women. However, I did eventually put the baby to bed and leave the March sisters in the living room to help my hardworking husband. After a bit of sweat, a couple German songs about “Apfelmus”, a couple cranky attitudes (from me), and a couple apologies (also from me), we had a couple sweet rows of apple goodness ready for winter.

I think I love the look of canned goods on my shelf almost as much as the taste.

Happy Preserving,


The Stagers said...

love it! :-) both your recounting of the story and canning too. I am about to do a couple boxed of peaches tonight/tomorrow! So glad you could get some yummy applesauce put away - I am sure your sweet girl is going to love it!

CherylFirebride said...

Do you by any chance have a facebook or Twitter page?

Sustainble Food for Thought said...

We do have a Facebook group:

"Sustainable Food for Thought"

No SFFT directly on Twitter, but you can find me @bethanyrydmark



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