Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thank You for Coming! {Portland's First Hand Crafted Food Swap}

On Wednesday, December 1st, we hosted Portland's First Hand Crafted Food Swap. What a treat to see so many smiling faces and beautifully diverse, home made, hand crafted products.

Branch & Birdie's front room glowed with the buzzing energy of swappers and passers by eager to take a peek at the activity.

{A Peak at Swap Festivities}

Ted's favorite swap of the evening:
Our Oregon black cherry liqueur for Chris and Jenny's spicy pickles

{Our Swaps}

In Trade For:
Spiced Peaches
Honey sweetened cardamom apple/pear butter
Vanilla bean peach butter
Marionberry jam
Sweet pickle relish
Homemade ketchup
Hand toasted/blended curry powder
Hand blended green seafood rub
Red currant & lime lip balm
Cherry liqueur

We carried home:
Whole grain mustard
Dried hot peppers
Apple butter
Cardamom spiced pears
Buckwheat pear bread
Strawberry jam
Salves and lip balms
Cortido kraut
Raw honey
Cranberry pear chutney
Homemade granola
Blackberry cinnamon infused vinegar
Homemade soap

And then there were still the ones that got away!
Sour cherry liqueur
Canned wild elk
Canned tuna
Tomato jam
Plums in honey syrup
Grain free granola
Immunity boost tinctures
Hand blended herbal teas
...and much more!

Upper left: The scrumptious appetizer potluck complete with "lemony goodness that will change your life" ~ recipe shared at rosemarried.

Thanks to much positive feedback, we may indeed host another annual (or seasonal?) swap in the coming year. Please stay tuned, and if you're interest in being on the contact list for the next event, please send us a note.

To our new friends & neighbors ~ thank you for the opportunity to meet and exchange hand crafted goods and smiles. We enjoyed the celebration of artful homemaking, and we're eager to swap again!


Portland's First Hand Crafted Food Swap

Preview the mini-documentary at Cooking Up A Story

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Anonymous said...

Thank you again for putting this on. I loved the idea, loved the event, and loved what I came home with. And I, for one, cannot wait to use your curry powder!

j:fern said...

Yeah! We're so happy with the black cherry liqueur! What an perfect trade! Thanks for putting this on! It was awesome!


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