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Food for Thought: Writing or Reinventing The Wheel?

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The creativity and pluck of humanity is a beautiful thing, especially exhibited in words scrawled on paper or neatly formatted through keystrokes and mouse clicks.

But sometimes this internet storm of 24/7 information begs the question:

Why Write (More)?

In browsing the food and farming and sustainability stories that wend their way through my Twitter and Facebook feeds and email subscriptions during a given week, I'm often simultaneously inspired and overwhelmed.

So much to learn. So much to try. So much to be tested and pondered.

So much already written.

Here at Sustainable Food for Thought, the answer to "Why Write?" is fairly straightforward:

Sustainable Living grows from the dynamism of thought + action.

We write to share ideas and encourage friends in the community to live a considered life, to try new things, and to think more critically about the hows and whys of our food systems. Often, posts are extensions of the themes we explore in Food Group, and at times, they are resources and recipes that we've enjoyed and want to pass along to you.

I'm harder pressed to find an answer to the question: "Why Write More?"

The volume of information in this digital age is a double-edge sword. It can fan the flame of curiosity and learning, but it can likewise deflate readers by the sheer burden of new ideas and steal joy from writers who give up precious hours simply for the sake of "posting."

I've grown to realize, writing the internet's umpteenth overview of how to stretch farm raised roasting chickens into several meals may not be the best use of time when there are so many other fabulous examples already available. (Even though I've enjoyed taking pictures of my precious chicken in its various states at various mealtimes and filing away the mental snippets to someday post.)

Today, I am reminded of the simplicity of sharing. 

Of pointing you in the directions of inspiration rather than reinventing the wheel.

I often bookmark articles to share. I have a mental list a mile long of inspirations to pass on to all of you. At times, pulling them together to add to a larger post seems the best thing to do.

But today, no extras. Simply a smattering of beautiful, insightful, thought provoking links.

No need to write more when other authors scattered around blogs and newspapers and digital corners and library shelves have already eloquently compiled and presented their content.

Perhaps some of these finds will inspire you.

And perhaps they will fade from your attention and drift into internet history... 

In either case:


What has been will be again,
What has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun.
-Ecclesiastes 1:9
Read and write and learn and live it out because you love it.
Not to keep up or to accomplish more for the sake of more.
But because something deeper calls out to you.
Because thoughts inspire you to action.

And I will try to do the same.


{ Food for Thought }
This Week's Links & Stories for Sustainable Living

Finding a Local Farmer ~ A Keeper of the Home Guest Post by Katie of Modern Alternative Momma

The Urban Farming Guys ~ A group doing great work to restore life to a decaying inner city through urban food production and community building.

Are Foodies Gluttons? ~ An interesting piece on the criticisms of Foodies' "inordenant preoccupation" with food vs. the efforts to call Americans to pay attention to their dinner plates and the nation's food policies.

Preservationists vs. Artisans
~ A post and ensuing discussion on the recent New York Times' controversial "D.I.Y. Cooking Handbook"

Relaxing the Rules for Small, Local Food Sellers ~ The piece also makes reference to Oregon's recent slew of bills (bills including the recent approval of home brewer to share their beverages off of their home property)

Winter Squash Smoothies ~ Two Frog Home's creative beverage - just in time for clearing out the last of the winter stores to make room for new Springtime Market finds.

DIY Green House ~ Inspiration for readers with space, from the ever elegant Crackers blog.

The Lexicon of Sustainability ~ Watch the 2:45 video for details on this education project.

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