Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GMOs and Labeling

Food Renegade published a must-read article today about GMO labeling. Check it out...

Do you believe in the Whole Foods fairy?

She used to be your garden variety woodland sprite, but times are hard and sorting mountains of corn and soy for Whole Foods is a sweet gig. Just sprinkle a little magical fairy dust and VOILA! The genetically modified feed separates from the conventional feed in a snap.
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Bethany said...

“...as Norman Braksick of Asgrow Seed (a Monsanto subsidiary) put it, 'If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.'”

-Um, yep.

"Here’s what we learned from rGBH: Take away Monsanto’s invisibility and the game changes completely."

-Love this point! It's so true. The independent labeling for non-rGBH milk has made a significant difference over the last few years.

"Our best option is to encourage producers and sellers to voluntarily identify and label GMO-free products — just like they did with rGBH — and let the consumers vote."

-Here, here!

Thanks for sharing this article, Emily. Good stuff.

Beka said...

I agree completely with Bethany ... my very favorite thing about the push to change our food system is how much responsibility is placed on consumers to start giving their money to the right people (farmers) and to keep it away from companies like Monsanto.

Revolutions that stick are the ones that start with people collectively getting fed up and rebelling, regardless of how corrupt their leaders are. If we're waiting on Congress to make everyone behave, we'll be waiting forever.

The rGBH-free labeling is an EXCELLENT example of the power that we, the consumers, have to force change. If Monsanto wasn't losing money due to that change, they wouldn't bother launching lawsuits and PR campaigns to try to stop it.

Loved this article, Emily - thanks!


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