Thursday, July 7, 2011

So Many Farewells: Limbo is No More

One of my absolute favorite shopping spots in Portland closed its doors this past weekend.

Thanks to irresistible pricing + ingenuity in the kitchen, their $1.00 bags amounted to loaves of banana bread, mango popovers, easy salads, and more than a few random, nameless, nutritious and frugal veggie dishes in the Rydmark house.

Their lovely wall of spices paved the way for our adventures in home blended SE Asian spice mixes.

Just last month, I snatched a sweet bag of Lemon Twist tea for a Farewell-to-Spring-Hello-to-Summer party.

Little did I know I'd be treasuring the last few ounces.

Eleven year Limbo employee, Joshua Stephens, plans to open Stone Cottage Herbs to sell spices online.

Their grand opening is coming soon, and I just registered with the new site.

So many things change quickly in life.

Savor the familiar while it is here.

Look forward to the future...



Lady Aimz said...

That is so very sad to me. I loved shopping there when I lived in that area. Times are changing :(

Bethany said...

Thanks Aimz,

It's true... I'm trying to be optimistic, but I know I will miss shopping there. Earlier this year another favorite, the Uncle Paul's Produce on Hawthorne, also closed down. It's just not the same going to the big tent now that it's Kruger's Farm Market (though they do have a $1.00 shelf that I'll be more apt to frequent now that Limbo is not an option).


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