Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Food Swap FAQ

We're excited to see you at Sunday's PDX Food Swap. This October 23rd event is now full, and all registrants have received a confirmation email. Any additional registrations will be kept on a wait list in the event that last minute openings arise. Our next scheduled swap is set for Sunday, December 11th, and we'll begin taking RSVPs mid-November.

In the meantime, seasoned-swapper Lindsay of rosemarried has graciously aided in putting together a helpful FAQ based on some of the questions that came in from those of you new to Food Swapping:

How much stuff should I bring to swap?
Bring as much (or as little) as you like! The more you bring to swap, the more items you’ll take home. There is no minimum, just bring whatever you’re comfortable swapping.

Suggestions on types of goods/foods to bring:
We encourage you to be creative with your swap items! You may swap baked goods, canned goods, homemade spice blends and teas, homemade lotions and balms, home-grown fruits & vegetables, honey, vinegar, dried goods, and more.

Can I bring alcohol?
Yes, you may bring alcohol to swap! In the past we’ve had people swap home brews, infused liqueurs, and other forms of alcohol. Please note, this is a cash-less exchange.

Can I bring my homemade products featuring marijuana that is now legal in Oregon?

No, at this point, we've decided to wait on allowing marijuana-based products. We hope you'll understand!

Do my swap items have to be canned? Or can I bring items that need to be refrigerated or frozen?
We do not require swap items to be canned. However, if your item needs to be refrigerated or frozen, please mark this information on your label. We don’t want anyone getting sick!

How should I package or label my goods?
Make sure everything is contained in a jar, bag, or container that makes the items easy to transport and swap. Make sure all your goods are labeled so that we know what they are! Ingredient lists aren’t necessary but can be very helpful to include.

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Amber Blue Bird said...

this sounds like such a fun event. Too bad I live so far away.


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