Monday, July 15, 2013

A New Online Home for the PDX Food Swap

Hello friends ~ I hope this note finds you well!

A little heads up to let you know the new home of the PDX Food Swap is up and running:

Spreading Food Swap Love Since 2010!
twitter: @pdxswappers
instagram: #pdxfoodswap

Update your bookmarks (wait, who uses bookmarks anymore?). 

If you're game, try my new personal favorite and add the new site to your Feedly account.

A Few Other Feedly Favorites:

( you can catch the very random updates when they happen to go live...)

(for recipes + photos from my PDX Food Swap counterpart!)

(just because Sarah's food is so fun to follow...)

(thanks, Beka Pike, for pointing me toward Alana's blog)

(I've followed Shanna on Twitter for a long while and enjoyed her journey)

(simply lovely.)

Looking forward to seeing you at the next PDX Food Swap, and perhaps at the next informal Sustainable Food for Thought Food Group get together?

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