Sunday, February 15, 2009

Portland Urban Farming 2009

Hey all,

In a recent whirlwind, I found out that my Silverton, Ore. CSA was suspending Portland deliveries for the 2009 season since their local base had grown enough to support a tighter geographical area. Sad, sad day for me. In panic, I knew that many of the Portland area CSAs were already full (I've been on the waiting list for one particular farm for two years now...and they've still not given me hopeful signs of being added any time soon!), and I couldn't think fast enough or click my mouse furiously enough to track down a new one with an open share. Deep breath. I tried to calm down and trust that something would fall into place if it was meant to be.

Fast forward.

Enter a beautiful new discovery. I had been looking at Sunroot Gardens and saw that (no surprise) they were full, but a little note in the corner directed me to Calliope's Table. I've since been in touch with Calliope, and I'm happy to say I've found a fabulous kindred spirit, and I'm excited to be a shareholder for the 2009 season! (Emily is also jumping feet first into this with we'll be partners in the adventure.) If you're interested at all in joining, I'd encourage you to take a peek at her blog and read a little more about her history and passions. It's going to be super small this year - 12 shares total (she's offering whole and half shares) - so get in touch with her quickly. She expects to be full within 2-3 weeks. I'm eager to be part of her newly developing community of shareholders. There's something so meaningful and rewarding in being a part of the grass roots change that you desire to see in the world...

This brings me to my last update of the evening: Portland Urban Farming 2009. If you're keen to hear more from local farmers and CSA participants.

I quote from the website:


Meet farmers that are changing Portland’s urban landscape as they grow food in all kinds of places. Learn about their methods, philosophies & where we’re going with urban farming.

Q & A discussion panel with farmers, land-lenders, CSA subscribers, community organizers, and others working to create an urban foodshed in Portland.

If you want to:
* Become more independent in your food choices
* Get more involved with local food
* And find out what’s happening with urban farming

Join Us!

Wednesday, February 18, 5:30-7:30 pm
People’s Food Coop Community Room
3029 SE 21st
No charge to attend


Perhaps I'll see a few of you there?

Love to all,


Emily said...

Yay! I'm really excited for Wednesday at People's! I'm looking forward to seeing their year-round farmers market too :) If anyone wants to join (like Bethany said) please feel free!

Andrea Downing said...

I am sorry I wasn't able to make it - would you guys post a summary of what you found out? :)


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