Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bread Co-op

I hadn't been baking bread for a couple months and found that it's been a harder routine to get into for my schedule. Bread-making is a rather easy process once you try it a few times, but I just wasn't making time for it each week, but it is so much more economical, enjoyable and nutritious to bake bread at home.

Since it's just Paul and I, it didn't make sense to make two loaves a week when we would only eat one before they got stale; so Paul came up with a brilliant idea- start a bread co-op with friends! We talked with our friends Luke and Allison and struck a deal: Each couple makes bread twice a month and shares their extra loaf during their baking week. This way we each get a fresh loaf each week but don't have to worry about baking every week.

We are two weeks into our Co-op and loving it. I enjoy having the accountability when it's our turn to bake bread. If you have a friend who lives nearby you should ask them to be in a bread co-op with you! You'll save time, you'll save money, you'll see your friends more :) and you will hopefully become an excellent bread baker.

Thanks to Luke and Allison for the delicious bread! (and thanks to Paul for baking the bread for us when my loaves turned out awful!)

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