Thursday, February 4, 2010

PSU Farmer's Market Update!

If you're like me, you've already started dreaming about the opening of local farmer's markets. One of my favorite things to do last summer was to wake up a little bit early on Saturday and bike down to the PSU farmer's market. I miss the feeling of zipping down side streets with the morning sun at my back and the thought of fresh goodies waiting for me! We still have a little wait until the farmer's markets start back up, but for those of you who frequent the PSU Farmer's Market here's a little bit of good news:

"Starting on March 20, 2010, the PSU market will expand its footprint one block south, which means the Saturday PSU Market now will extend two full blocks -- from Montgomery to Hall Street." For more updates and info about the Portland Farmer's Markets visit here.

March 20th will be here before we know it!


1 comment:

Bethany said...

Yay! I managed to get out for a little bit of sunshine at the first day of the market... Sheep cheese and fresh bread = YUM. Happy springtime!!


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