Monday, February 1, 2010

Living Naturally and Saving Money Pt. 2

One of the best ways to gain ideas for living naturally and saving money is just hearing about other people's life experience and in turn being inspired. I recently came across a blog from a woman in Australia who writes about everything from budgeting and cutting back to gardening and living simply. As life is a little nutty right now and I have limited internet access I thought I would pass on this blog in the meantime. It's called Down to Earth.



Brian Charles Clark said...

This is a cool site. I'm very interested in this topic, especially as it pertains to the Pacific Northwest. I hope you'll keep posting cool stuff frequently, as I'll be reading. I run, a blog about sustainable building, and work at a college with a major in organic ag (I work for the ag college):

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by Brian. It's been really encouraging to see all the ways people are getting involved with sustainable living and making steady and positive changes!



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